I don’t know if you have heard of the Local Quilt Shop Contest. This is the fifth year By Annie has run this event. It a great way to get your local quilt shop shout out and let everyone out there know what’s great about it. It is a great resource to find new quilts shops for you to visit. The shops are in the running for a number of prizes. Even though I am in Australia, the shops here can win some prizes, which is nice as a lot of stuff excludes overseas entries. Sometimes if you are not in the USA you are left out or forgotten. For this By Annie and the sponsors should be congratulated on including all shop who want to participate.

I have set the link up on a seperate page on my website, so it is easy to find where to go to vote. Click here to go to the page to vote. Voting finishes the 28th February 2022.

I would love you to vote. I thought I would make it fun for everyone that follows Cynthia’s Ark. I have a 20% off voucher for anyone who can guess how many vote I finish with. This voucher can be used on products purchased at Cynthia’s Ark. Not valid for workshop fees or with any other special offer from Cynthia’s Ark. You have until 12 am Monday 28th February (Adelaide time) 2022 to enter. Put your guess in the comments of this post. Only entries on the blog will count, so make sure you put your guess here. If the exact number is not selected the person closest will be the winner.

Good luck and have a guess. I can tell you currently I have 7 votes. So there is a starting point for you.

Until Next Time Keep Stiitching


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