This is my first blog hop of the year and one of my favourite. I would like to thank Bea from Beaquilter for hosting us. I get to dive into my quilt book collection and pick a book and create something from it. Not sure where I got this one from, but here it is in my collection. It was published back in 1991.

Now I was only dating my husband to be in 1991, I hadn’t starting quilting yet and when you look at the instructions in the book there is only scissors used to cut fabric and everything is done with graph paper and templates.

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So I delved into this book looking at the projects and thought some little pin cushions would be fun to make. Then I had to get the graph paper out to draw up the block as it tells you to trace the line drawing and make templates for you to them cut out the fabric.  Look at these instructions.

My theory is if I draw it up on graph paper that will tell me how big each piece is and I can cut my fabric out using my rotary cutter. Then I can dive into my scrap box and make all sorts of colourful houses.

My finished pin cushion next to the the pattern in the book. It took me more time to create this post than sew the pin cushion together. It is really cut I think when I have some free time I may make more blocks and turn them into pin cushions.

Thank you for visiting today I hope you are enjoying this blog hop.

Until Next Time Keep Stitching 


Keep stitching



10 Responses

  1. How adorable that little house is, and it makes a pretty pincushion. Thanks for sharing that book. I rarely find one I haven’t seen, but that is one of the rare ones. You’ve filled the gap!

  2. We certainly have come a long way in the quilting world since then, haven’t we? Thank goodness for rotary cutters and real size patterns. LOL!! Your little pin cushion house is just adorable.

    • Cute pincushion! My dear MIL used to cut out her quilts using scissors and cardboard templates, hand sew and hand quilt a full sized quilt in a month! Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Wow, you are adventurous for going old-school! Seeing all of those instructions, I might have given the book away (regrettably!) but you were smart enough to make it work for you in that adorable little pin cushion! I bet there are a lot of cute designs in it and it would be worth it to convert it all over to rotary cutting!

  4. Fun to see this book from Australia! Love that you made a pincushion from the book – a nice use of the block. Thanks for hopping along.

  5. I remember using graph paper, cereal boxes and scissors! I made a quilt that way, and it is still one of my favorites! It lives with my daughter. The pincushion is such a cute idea! Love it! 🙂

  6. This is really adorable! I’m so happy we have modern tools like rotary cutters and templates for cutting fabrics!

  7. I can’t imagine sewing without my rotary cutter or using my EQ program to figure out sizes. We did it in the olden days but thank goodness for sewing notions being improved. That looks like a great book to have in my cupboard and I love your pincushion! Thanks for sharing.

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