Around here everything takes time to set up or arrange. So in theory nothing happens overnight. Sometimes it may be a week or two to set something up or it can be months in the planning, ordering products and setup phase. Take our new Block of the Month Summerville. It starts the 1st June and you can still join us if you are interested. Click here for more information. I started work on this one back in February. There is two more Block of the Months coming to Cynthia’s Ark this year, so keep your eyes open for the reveals. I know one isn’t far away.

So I should not be surprised that May has only just started and I am working on Christmas stuff for December already. Once again I find myself thinking this is crazy Christmas stuff in May and then I think How good am I that I am organised. But if I am already at Christmas it means I will be work on stuff for 2023 very soon.

2022 has been a very busy year so far for me. It is keeping me on my toes, and every time I turn a corner there seem to be another surprise. Take the retreats at Sew Delightful in Burra this year. We tested Sew Delightful out in 2021 with great results. This meant we scheduled 4 retreats up there, plus the ones I have teamed up with Deb -the owner of Sew Delightful. This gives you more dates for you to be able to join us on retreat. I could almost call Sew Delightful my second home. If you are interested in attending please let me know so I can put you on the interested list. So far this year we are full as soon I release the information for the next retreat from the interested list.

Keep your eyes open for lots of interesting stuff happening at Cynthia’s Ark over the next few months. I can tell you Summerville BOM will start on the 1st June, there is a new range from Tilda due to arrive, Chic Escape and Daisyfield. Presales have surpass the last range. There is a sale in the pipeline, as well as new workshops planned just waiting of fabric or patterns to arrive. There is a new Block of the month release coming and so much more. It is going to be a very exciting second half to 2022. I couldn’t do it without my staff and you the customers.

Until Next Time Keep Stitching


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  1. You always have something on the go Cynthia. Looking forward to seeing the Christmassy things.
    For anyone who hasn’t been to Burra yet. Put your name down. It is always such a fun time.

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