Yes I am doing some testing this week. What am I testing? It could be anything really and some of you may be thinking I am referring to the quilt pattern testing we started recently on Crimson Poppy. I can tell you yes I am working on that but I am also working on something else. I need to have decided by Friday what Yummy treat I am going to be sharing with everyone in the annual Cookie Exchange starting on the 6th December.

I have shared my favourite cookies recipes, when I have participated in previous years. Now I have come to the point where I need to expand my cookie file with a new additions.

Something traditional?
Or something modern?

I have tried a couple of recipes out and ran them passed my food critic husband. Neither one got a higher enough pass mark. Maybe with some tweaks one may made it next year, we will see.

I will get back to the kitchen and don’t forget to visit my blog on the 7th December to find out what recipe is going to be my favourite this Christmas.

Until Next Time

Keep Stitching


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