Lots of you know, I have been working on a new website over the second half of this year. Have you visited it yet? If not, you must have a look here, it is a great improvement on the old site. Now there is still plenty of work to be done, but to have the shop, blog, workshop calendar and more together will make it easier to find everything. Everything in one place is going to make a big difference.

I thought I would explain a few things about the new shop for the newcomers. Firstly all the fabris is listed in 10 cm increments to allow you to choose the amount you want to purchase. This allows you to purchase 20 cm or 60 cm or 2 metres. Really any quantity in 10 cm increments. Also once you purchase 10 units or more (which is 1 metre) you will receive a discounted price. That’s something new. Now that is a bonus. Over the next month you will see a lot more fabric going up on the site.

This first batch of fabrics being loaded up the Devonstone Collection Solids.
It is a large range and we will be increasing what we carry in the shop.

The other thing is the new payment system, the clubs and the Block of the Months are not listed on the website, due to them being recurring payments. The new website processes the order automatically, so no credit card details are shared with us. If you want to join any of the clubs or Block of the Months you need to contact the shop via email, phone or visit the shop to set it up. Hopefully it won’t be long before we will be able to list them as well.

The Workshop Calendar is listed on the site under Lessons. Please remember to book directly with me (the shop) and pay your deposit. No information will be handed out until you pay your deposit, which is not refundable if you don’t turn up. I know previously I have done it different, but no more. If you say you are coming on social media, that’s great to give me a heads up, but you still need to contact me and pay your deposit to secure your spot.

The Photo Gallery is where you will find pictures of upcoming workshop projects, events we attend and run. There is a number of events we will be attending in 2022. It will be great to get out among you at these events. We have missed seeing you all. We know it is really beneficial to regional communities to have these events that we attend as we ourselves are in a regional area.

The Help and Tip section is empty at the moment, but I look forward to working on that in 2022. I have some tutorials and special help sheets to share with you, should you need them.

Of course there is the blog, which is where you are now. Here you will find a variety of posts from the day to day happening, sewing, workshop snapshots, blog hops I am participating in and generally what is happening at Cynthia’s Ark.

Stay tuned for some new exciting changes at Cynthia’s Ark. There will be some major changes happening and you will find out more here at Cynthia’s Ark.

Until Next Time

Keep Stitching


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