After sharing my unfinished project list, I have made a plan to work on some of the long term members of the list. I am going to start with a smaller one, just to warm up. How to choose a project? I was thinking something near done or a small project. Something quick to get me ticking projects off the list quickly. In the end it was the project that I got out first. Yes it is a small project. Well the blocks are small.

It may be more work than I originally thought of. To cross it off the list will give me a good feeling, as it has been on the list since 2018. It is a batch of Signature blocks from a swap and some tiny blocks from a sew along. Blocks measure 3″ to 5″, so there will be a bit of work to use the different sizes up.

This is the first idea I have had. As you can see it’s not going to be a big project, but will be challenging to use all or most of the blocks up. I may need to make some more blocks or at least cut some fabric to get this to work. The basket blocks are going to take some work to get them in the project, as they need to be set on point. I want to get this project to quilt top stage by my deadlines.

I am working on this project as part of our Cynthia’s Ark Project Uninterrupted Facebook Challenges. you are welcome to join the group.

Also I have linked this challenge to Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal post. So pop over and check out what everyone is working on.

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  1. Good luck on completing your OMG. I too am trying to cross things off my WIP list. My list was as high as the 90’s and is now down in the 50’s. Some years I start with the smallest projects. This year I am working on the projects that are closer to the finish and throwing in a one monthly goal and a stale project that I work on Sunday mornings before church. Happy new year!

  2. What an interesting mix of little blocks! I’ll bet each one reflects something of the maker’s personality. Have fun with it and good luck with your Year of Finishes!

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