Big plans for July! That was my thoughts when July started. There is lots to do in preparation for the next Great International Craft Show, our Crimson Poppy retreat in August in Burra and a full month of workshops in store. Well seven days in I tested positive to Covid. Let’s just throw a spanner into the works. Three workshops cancelled so far, couldn’t arrange for my latest workshop sample to go to my long arm quilter Valerie, other sewing samples came to a scream halt and so on.

Luckily I have a pile of projects that require their binding to be completed. Plus it is my current challenge in our Project Uninterrupted Facebook group for July and August. If you don’t know about our group our motto is to complete projects so we can start new projects. You are welcome to join in, there is a couple of questions to answer to join, but nothing difficult.

There is four projects with their bindings attached that just need the final hand stitching of the binding to the back. That is where I started.

One of the Christmas in July projects.
My Tilda Gardenlife Table Runner
A leftover Wall hanging from last Christmas
Another one of the Christmas in July projects I finished just before I tested positive.

So I am now on the last one and it is the biggest of all the projects, my Glacier Star quilt. I am over halfway after yesterday’s session in front of the TV.

So today I am going to give it another go and see if I can finish it. Then I have three more quilts ready to binding, but I haven’t picked the binding out for a couple and I think I may have lost the binding for one of them. I will worry about that when I get them.

Until Next Time Keep Stitching


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