I have wrapped up my Queen Glacier Star quilt top. It is ready for quilting. Next I want to wrap up my Coral Reef Wall Quilt. I haven’t touched it for a little while, so I needed to lay it out and check what was left to do. In my head I was at the assembly stage.

This is the pattern cover.

I discovered there was some little bits to finish off, before I could start joining the parts together. I added the last of the veins on one section, joined the corner sections together with the striped border and finish off some TRP that I had missed. You can’t afford to miss the TRP, there is quite a few in this pattern. Without them you will not be able to line up the sections in the right place to sew them together correctly.

I had to join two sections together before I wrapped up the session. So I did sew the first two sections together, just so I could see a bit together.

I will keep work on Coral Reef. It won’t take long to get all the pieces together. I like to count down the pieces as I go. I started with 104 pieces and I am now down to 64 .

With Coral Reef coming to a close, I am ready to start the next Quiltworx project for upcoming workshops. What’s next? It is Crimson Poppy.

I have cut the kit ready for cutting. I have to do some testing for this one, so I can work out the Workshop schedule to price it and get the workshop time worked out. We will be doing this one as a Workshop next year. Once I work it out and are happy with it I will add it to the Workshop program.

Next year’s program is filling up already. There will be plenty of Quiltworx patterns in the program. If there is a Quiltworx pattern you would like to make, let me know. There is plenty of opportunities to do a number of Quiltworx patterns next year. Coral Reef is already in the program and I am looking at running Glacier Star again next year. Throw in Crimson Pappy, Desert Sky, Fractured Paintbox and a couple of new ones in to the mix, it is looking exciting. Don’t forget we have a monthly homework session if you need extra help.

Until Next Time

Keep Stitching


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  1. I am really looking forward to doing Coral reef, and I have finally decided on my colours. I just need to put them down on paper and choose from the wonderful batiks that you have in store. Plus am hoping to get a double fractured paintbox started next year and I love Desert Sky. I have a feeling that I will be doing a lot of Quiltworx in 2022.😊😊

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