I have been busy in the shop working on a number of upcoming projects. Not a lot of sewing happening, but I did get to squeeze a day of sewing in. My main focus was to get my Glacier Star quilt to top stage. All the parts had been completed and all I needed to do was sew them all together. I had the centre sewn together.

I just had the four corner sections to piece together and sew the last five pieces together. I got the first corner completed the week before during our Zoom Project Uninterrupted session.

I was very happy to sew all the pieces together and I was counting down the pieces. Eight pieces to a quarter totaling 32 pieces down to four pieces then I was down to 5 pieces.

Then 5 down to one and one completed quilt top.

I love how it turned out. There was a time when I was piecing the centre I wasn’t sure I had chosen the right fabrics. When I got the centre done I knew I had it right.

Until Next Time

Keep Stitching


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